contour editions

contour editions is a platform dedicated to showcasing the work of contemporary artists who explore diverse possibilities within the realms of sound and moving image. our objective is to make the time-based works accessible, emphasizing engagement with approaches such as listening, vision, media exploration, materiality, process, and concept.

our publications take various forms, including online listening and/or viewing works, multi-channel sound installations, post-installation materials, text/speech, and more. contour editions is committed to reaching global audiences on a personalized level, facilitating the presentation of independent, original works of media art.

through our continued efforts, we aim to build to a community of artists who share similar interests, contributing to the incremental establishment of a significant archive of media works. this endeavor seeks to create to a lasting contribution in the world of contemporary art.

    founded and directed by richard garet since january 2008
    contour editions in space installations were organized and produced
    by wolfgang gil, daniel neumann, and richard garet