visuals   ___________________________________

with evidence's new release visuals, the duo stephan moore and scott                    
smallwood return to improvisations based on field recordings and synthesized                         
textures, layered into a cinematic tapestry of ambience and color. with over                           
80 minutes of music culled from studio recordings and networked improvisations                       
over the internet, the music evokes an evolving parade of visual illusions and                       
dreamlike landscapes. the contour editions release takes two forms, a digital                          
download featuring original artwork by chris harvey, and an eight-channel sound                      
installation. the latter presents a generative remix of the released material, along                       
with related materials culled from live performances, in an ever-changing                             
surround listening environment. the installation will open on july 31 and will run
through august 17 at studio 10 gallery in brooklyn.


  online project: ce.onl_0010
  artist: evidence
  title: visuals
  length: 82'00"
  year: 2013
  format: mp3 download
  track 1: in the quarry
  track 2: owsley medium
  track 3: clementine
  click here to download zip file

evidence in conversation with daniel neumann
interview for contour editions, june/july 2013